Know The Way (Headshotboyz Mix)

Headshotboyz are two self proclaimed music makers and genre haters from Hungary. With their vast and diverse catalog of audio, its become undoubtedly clear that their ability to live up to their anti-genre status is as easy said as done. From personal favorites of ours like ‘Mighty Spookfish‘ to their appearances on the Mad Hop compilations, everything the two do is more than enjoyable. For one of their more recent projects, which dropped two months ago but has only just surfaced for free download, they decided to take on the spotlight sounds of Grimes. Choosing ‘Know The Way’, the outro of her Visions LP, its another successful notch in a bed they’ve now completely carved. Keeping that tasty vibe of Grimes, they’ve combined that trickling water essence with the beautiful vocals, adding tasty hip hop influenced percussion, ambient sounds and everything else you sort of longed for during the original piece. The final product is a much more full version of a song you already loved, making it a no brainer for anyone with a good taste in modern audio. If you dig what they do, fan them on Facebook just here.


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YUMO says:

their chillin remix is untouchable.

AMB says:

nice mix indeed!

Heatz says:


Noice says:

dope remix